1. The Lifehacker meet up at Sweet and Vicious in Manhattan in May, 2010. 
  2. Watching the Caprica 1.5 premiere at Universal.
  3. Receiving the script to my favorite episode of all Star Trek series, ever for my birthday. 
  4. Downtown Las Vegas (January, 2010) at the Fremont Street Experience with several members of my extended clan. 
  5. Downtown Las Vegas (February, 2010)  at the Griffith and the Beauty Bar with many professional Democrats. 

Nerdly, all in their own ways.

“Belize: Hell or heaven? 

[Roy indicates "Heaven” through a glance] 

Belize: Like San Francisco. 

Roy Cohn: A city. Good. I was worried… it’d be a garden. I hate that shit. 

Belize: Mmmm. Big city. Overgrown with weeds, but flowering weeds. On every corner a wrecking crew and something new and crooked going up catty corner to that. Windows missing in every edifice like broken teeth, fierce gusts of gritty wind, and a gray high sky full of ravens. 

Roy Cohn: Isaiah. 

Belize: Prophet birds, Roy. Piles of trash, but lapidary like rubies and obsidian, and diamond-colored cowspit streamers in the wind. And voting booths. 

Roy Cohn: And a dragon atop a golden horde. 

Belize: And everyone in Balencia gowns with red corsages, and big dance palaces full of music and lights and racial impurity and gender confusion. And all the deities are creole, mulatto, brown as the mouths of rivers. Race, taste and history finally overcome. And you ain’t there. 

Roy Cohn: And Heaven? 

Belize: That was Heaven, Roy.“ 

Angels in America, Tony Kushner

porque las estirpes condenadas a cien años de soledad no tienen una segunda oportunidad sobre la tierra

A tidbit,the money shot really, from One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez