Real moment with you guys: Last night as I got home from San Francisco, I walked up to my apartment door to find it unlocked. As I walked in my place it had been ransacked! My gut turned into knots… I’ve never been so violated. All my documents and valuables are gone! They took it all passport, birth certificate, social security card, checks, cash, jewelry and more! Called the police… they check for prints and filled a police report at 2am. Fast forward to 5am in the morning and I am freezing cards & finding out what to do in response to this. I got storage space & packed what’s left all today & will be moving everything out tomorrow. I’m still shaken up and in a blur with everything that went down. I’m so thankful for everyone who has sent me a encouraging word today and helped me get through this crazy event. Many of you have asked for a way to donate to help soften the blow from last night. So I made a donate page on my site. Link in my profile. Thanks for making this bad day into a brighter one. Love you all! ❤️ by withhearts via

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