photo by @vincentjmusi Exotic pets can have a rough life. Born in captivity, there is no wild for them to return to. So where do they go when things don’t work out ? Many owners with the best intentions find themselves unable to care for an animal that eats several hundred pounds of meat per week or can kill you with one blow. There are many shelters that care for dogs and cats who have been given up by their well-meaning owners, but exotic pets have limited options. Most zoos can’t take them and space at sanctuaries is scarce. Mike Stapleton has 5 tigers that he cares for at his Ohio home. He calls it Paws & Claws Animal Sanctuary and all of his animals were unwanted. To comply with new regulations in the state, he is building a much large enclosure than seen in this photograph. I’ll be sharing more images from my recent project on Exotic Pets this week @vincentjmusi by natgeo via

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