Ceiling of King Street Station in Seattle. “The Compass Room has marble wainscotting, and is lighted by a multi-globe chandelier suspended above the compass rose from an elaborate plaster rosette. Triple-globe wall sconces around the perimeter illuminate a band of inlaid green iridescent glass tile on the walls. Circular clerestory windows are trimmed in plaster relief decoration. This motif was originally repeated throughout most of the station’s waiting room. While there is no known influence for the design of the interior, it resembles the ceiling of the famous SaCinquecento at the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.” by lancestein via

From that one time I was on top of Shanghai above all the clouds and people Currently trying to figure out what I am going to do for my yearly holiday trip. I didn’t realize until a week ago that I have never been anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. So my main plan as of now is to go throughout South East Asia (Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Bali) and then since I’m already over there I’m thinking of swinging it to Australia and/or New Zealand. Other tentative plans are leading me towards going to the Middle East, but that’s still in the process of being arranged. Where is everyone going for the holidays? Does anyone want a travel buddy? 🙋 by zeropercenthipster via