How to get there…that’s complicated. I’ll try to keep it short, but I’ll give my basic thoughts: There has to be competition in revolution to guarantee innovation and obtain the best results. For too long, I believe that voting third party and holding up signs and singing slave songs on the streets has had a de facto monopoly on achieving more freedom. All you economics nerds know what monopolies do – they lower quality and raise the costs. There has to be competition! – in tactics and in strategy. Personally, I believe (in no particular order) thatto include, but is not limited to: 1) Peaceful Parenting: Statism starts at home. Physical punishments are linked very consistently with mental problems and criminality – two things the state thrives on. Moreover, it teaches children that might makes right (hellooo?) and that violence is appropriate to use against people who upset you or “disobey” you. 2) Education: Conversations are a huge part of educating the masses. Before there was an American Revolution on the streets and in the fields there was a revolution in the bars, churches, homes, newspapers, etc. Think outside the box and do what you’re talented at and find a way to spread knowledge and make sure public “education” isn’t the only way a child is being educated. 3) Self-defense if necessary, but it is not a solution to the disease as most people who want violence only want to replace the regime. I have a lot more thoughts on this topic, but I’ll keep it short. 4)sentially, living to the fullest extent that you can as if the state doesn’t exist. In other words, operate in black and gray markets as often as possible. I’m obviously talking about voluntary exchanges here. Should include peer to peer marketplaces (uber, bitcoin, etc.). 5) Technology. It doesn’t necessarily have to do with “us” “establishing” a free society, but it has already played a part and will continue to. Technology can help to simply make the state an obsolete technology. Examples: the internet, 3D printing, bitcoin.
by anarchoatheist

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