This weekend was an amazing blur (mostly because I am so sunburnt that everything is actually kind of blurry and fuzzy) Saturday involved a hike with @anddrewmichael through the amazing hills and bluffs of Rancho Palos Verdes. It was supposed to be a one hour hike but somehow it turned into 4 hours, whoops. After burning calories that we didn’t consume, we stumbled into a beach resort and devoured everything in our path To continue the trend of sun and lack of sunscreen, I spent my day today at the Long Beach Grand Prix and had a great time with @jackallenw, his wife Pam, and @ricardoagustinperez. It was my first time to a Formula One race and it was truly an experience. I dragged raced the whole way home; I think Highway Patrol gave us all a freebie today.
by zeropercenthipster

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