clusively, that everything is connected to everything else, there is no separation. In the everyday world, where the majority of humans focus their attention as they earn their livings, separation is self-evident, but that is because of how you focus your attention on your bodily needs, identifying with them and with their survival, with the avoidance of pain, and the desire for pleasure. In the illusory world bodies seem very real because you live through them, gaining all your experiences and sensations through your so-called five senses. But those are limiting thoughts that you those limiting beliefs you therefore make them real. In fact there are no limits! The limits that youion that you built collectively. And of course those limits are an aspect of the illusion that enables you to experience separation as real. When the collective decision to experience separation was taken the collective wanted it to appear to be as convincing as possible. Thus with separation it appears that many separate people are desperately struggling to accumulate as much as possible of the seemingly limited earthly resources that each one needs for survival. This leads to conflict and war. But when people cooperated together, it can be seen that in fact there is an ampleveryone’s needs. What you do to another you do to yourselves. If you withhold and hoard the earth’s beneficence for your own personal use so will everyone else, and you see this happening all over the world, and scarcity results. On the other hand when you share that beneficence willingly you will always have an abundance, and some of you have already discovered this. 🙏🌟
by drue86

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