“eddonpainted). I am a 16-year-old from Melbourne, Australia. I started body painting on my 14th birthday. I was inspired by a reality TV show where they compete with special effects makeup. I begin any look by getting inspiration, usually from someone else’s body painting. Then I figure out what I like about it, and then I make it my own. I sketch it to see what it’s roughly going to look like, but by the time it reaches my body, it usually looks quite different. The really sad bit is washing it off — it’s a type of art that only exists in photos in the long haul. My dream would be to work on a movie or even just to watch another artist working in a professional setting. After finishing a creation, looking in the mirror can be a little frightening! I did once make a man scream in the supermarket when I rounded a corner right in front of him. He wasn’t prepared to be met by a zombie.” Photo by @armageddonpainted
by instagram http://bit.ly/1TyKfg2

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