Men of a certain vintage ought moisturize. I recommend visiting Koreatown Galleria in Los Angeles and consulting with the brilliant ladies of Palace Beauty Galleria. But at the very least do the following:

After you wash and rinse your face with cool/cold water:

  • Apply a toner. I use Huxley. Allow toner to dry.

All of this skin care is non-sense if you are not eating proper proteins and particularly, collagen. The retinol, niacinamide and moisturizers cannot revive flesh thats lost its natural elasticity.

I recommend buying collagen by the six-pack and sharing it with those you love. Collagen is a helpful add on to coffee or tea, and this type of protein helps with skin and joints. I recommend Great Lakes Collagen, buying bulk because it comes down to 18.75 per canister, which is a great discount.

Science behind the retinol and niacinamide:

Science behind collagen:

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