I just returned from a week at ForkFest and PorcFest in the woods of New Hampshire. I was able to spend crypto currency on:

  • Espresso (from a coffee bar inside of a tent out of Arabian nights, that also sold a steak and bourbon dinner special)
  • Pellegrino mineral water – from a ManCamp, a site that had skill building opportunities with black smithery, knife/chainsaw sharpening, among other things)
  • Coffee with MCT oil and grassfed butter
  • Low carb foods from a couple selling a larger, carby menu but ate low carb for their own health.
  • Paleo pancakes made with bananas, nuts and seeds as well as cashew milk lattes from a man who also sold plated dinners of wild ahi tuna and scallops, as well as vegan options.
  • Pulled pork and sausage from a locally sourced provider called Bardo Farms
  • Chicken soft tacos, made in the style of Southern California taquerias
  • Admission to a party inside of a geodesic dome
  • Various other drinks, snacks and sundry goods.

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