Fourth Observations

I drove in from OC to Santa Monica. I took the Five Freeway North to the Ten East. This is the most active 4th of July, in my thirty odd years of living in Southern California. A journey of 45 miles of freeway was garlanded in fireworks, 40 miles were lit up. The other five were smokey. It was brazen, mortars in air. Bombardment. People along the freeways look to be having a great time with fireworks out in Los Angeles and northern Orange County. Glorious drive. I love this.

The Free State Project’s Porcupine Festival

I just returned from a week at ForkFest and PorcFest in the woods of New Hampshire. I was able to spend crypto currency on:

  • Espresso (from a coffee bar inside of a tent out of Arabian nights, that also sold a steak and bourbon dinner special)
  • Pellegrino mineral water – from a ManCamp, a site that had skill building opportunities with black smithery, knife/chainsaw sharpening, among other things)
  • Coffee with MCT oil and grassfed butter
  • Low carb foods from a couple selling a larger, carby menu but ate low carb for their own health.
  • Paleo pancakes made with bananas, nuts and seeds as well as cashew milk lattes from a man who also sold plated dinners of wild ahi tuna and scallops, as well as vegan options.
  • Pulled pork and sausage from a locally sourced provider called Bardo Farms
  • Chicken soft tacos, made in the style of Southern California taquerias
  • Admission to a party inside of a geodesic dome
  • Various other drinks, snacks and sundry goods.