I’m resisting the urge to post to Facebook and Twitter. So I’m blogging.

My brother is in a web development bootcamp and its inspired me to read about CSS. My weakness is front end web development. Database and backend is my preference but the most prominent part of an app is its UI. My primary focus on design, usability and accessibility driven by data means I spend hours in databases, and squinting at mocks but not coding the front end.

That has to change.

Found a nice CSS reference. I will code something fun.

The Byzantine Empire had a thousand year history that requires proper attention to understand Orthodox and Catholic Christianity, the Crusades and Islam.

In the spring of 2003, I took my last undergraduate history course, an elective on the history of the Byzantine Empire, taught by Maria Mavroudi. The class was excellent, and against the backdrop of the occupation of Iraq that occured in March of that year, a lesson in the rhyming patterns of history.

Professor Mavroudi was awarded a MacArthur grant in 2004 to further her study of the two-way exchange that occurred between the Byzantine and Islamic cultures.
The book we used in the class was The History of the Byzantine State by George Ostrogorsky. Worth a read.

For the last eight years I’ve been going to Judd parties, part French salon, part Burning Man, uniquely Los Angeles. Within the last few years, as his business interests moved into the legal cannibas domain, he’s began holding industry events at his home. The new focus has upped the surreal entertainment, lighting and costumes.