Hate cops (for taking paychecks from people who don’t consent to pay them in order to use violence against nonviolent people because politicians told them to)? Don’t call them! Because even though you pay their salaries you can’t criticize them if you need to use the poor services you pay for. Don’t call them even though they have a monopoly on the service you need and you have no other choice. This ^ ise fact that police have been known to unnecessarily escalate even medical situations to the point of death. Nevermind the fact that this “logic” is never applied to any privately rendered services. If you make a complaint about your cable service, no statist proceeds to be offended because their dad works for that company; no statist proceeds to tell you to not use the service you paid for; no statist proceeds to advise you to endanger yourself or wishes rape and death on your family (hundreds of times) because you criticized your cable company; no statist proceeds to advise you call a crackhead – or in the case of cable, maybe stab a fork into your eye because it’s a more dangerous way to use your eyes? Only when it comes to a government service do these people predictably repeat the same religious dogma about the government and its mercenaries in nauseating frequency. Only in situations that might be life and death do they repeat the identical lines they’ve been taught over and over and over and over.bjwPntaTpsxX7RtFmZPoyyofeDh
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What libertarians care about VS what feminists care about. Courtesy of @libertarianmanifesto Follow me or @thefreedomline to get a fresh FREEDOM!ag someone who needs to hear the message of FREEDOM! Whoever tags the most people on this post can request a free signed copy of freedom by emailing their address to adam@thefreedomline.com
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It’s that time of the month again. DM or kik me (anarchoatheist) for materials, questions, or debate. I’ve found that’s a better way to differentiate between those genuinely interested and trolls (people who never examine any sources they themselves asked for). This is my fourth time doing this and have received a lot of DMs from interested people in the past, so I figured I will continue doing this about every 4 weeks for now.
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If there are criminals who want cops to stop enforcing the law and a couple of cops get killed and cops stop enforcing the law … what message does that send to other violent criminals? Follow me or @thefreedomline to get a fresh FREEDOM!ag someone who needs to hear the message of FREEDOM! Whoever tags the most people on this post can request a free signed copy of freedom by emailing their address to adam@thefreedomline.com

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We have been so thoroughly propagandized as to define “freedom” in terms of government-granted privilege rather than as a universal moral principle. – From the Introduction to FREEDOM! which you can download for free in every digital format including audiobook at thefreedomline.com. Follow me here or follow The FREEDOM! Line @thefreedomline to get a fresh FREEDOM! meme every day for the next year. Tag someone who needs to hear the message of FREEDOM!

If I never saw a cop again, and knew I never would, I would still never assault, rob, rape or murder anyone. Would you?nk there are no sociopaths out there. Also, I do think there would be (and would want there to be) some sort of voluntarily funded protection agencies in aia